Order of the King: A Warrior's Tale
Roxanna Whitfield


Title: Order of the King: A Warrior's Tale

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The wind is changing. Trouble is stirring in the village. The warrior must prepare to battle the Black Dragon in an effort to bring news of their peril to the Shaddai, the Good King, the Great Prince, and the Grand Counselor, who rule over this realm from the Palace of the Three Thrones. She has battled against this foe for many years and will continue until the Shaddai choose to bring her home to live in the Palace. She has learned much through her years of continual warfare. She has learned to value her armor and her sword which the Good King gave her on her induction day into the Order of the King. The Grand Counselor has mentored her over the years teaching her to wear them well and to trust the sword of the King to strike true. He has also comforted her when she lay wounded and broken from battle. She is betrothed to the Great Prince and longs for the day when He will return for her and her brethren. In that day, her battles will be over and there will be peace and rest at last.
Her enemy would coax her to enter into battle on his terms. He would tempt her leave behind her armor and fight in her own strength. She must meditate on what she knows to be true of both herself and her enemy. She must focus on what is true about her armor and her sword. Finally, she must be securely anchored in what is true about the Shaddai, if she has any chance of walking well through this battle. Come and walk alongside the warrior as she prepares for battle. She will contemplate the great battles of past warriors of the Order. She will remember her past victories and her past defeats. Is a similar wind chilling your village? Is the Dragon stalking your friends and family? Perhaps the words of the warrior will give you the necessary courage to fight.

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