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Taken As His Wife - The Complete Series (Innocent, Dubcon, Fertile) (Wedded Bliss Book 4)
Alana Alix


Title: Taken As His Wife - The Complete Series (Innocent, Dubcon, Fertile) (Wedded Bliss Book 4)

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Taken As His Wife-­The Complete Series

This super sexy 30,­000 word bundle includes all three titles of the Wedded Bliss Series: Taken As His Wife, Taken On Her Honeymoon, and Taken At Home. The bundle contains explicit scenes of a first time, rough sex, dubcon, and a fertile protagonist.

Charlotte eagerly awaited her wedding to the wealthy, handsome, and patient Adam Ramone. Saving herself for marriage, she’s dreamed of the perfect night with her new husband. But the ceremony, dinner, and dancing exhausts her, and all Charlotte wants is a well-­deserved wedding night nap. With the honeymoon planned for the next morning, she offers Adam a compromise—sleep tonight, wedded bliss in Aruba.

But Adam’s waited long enough to claim what is rightfully his. He seizes her innocence on their wedding night, introduces her to a world of submission on their honeymoon, and, when she rebels at home, Adam punishes her with more than a swat on the bottom. Adam expects much from his new wife, and the first thing he’ll take is her fertile womb.


Adam reserved the best room in the hotel, and while he joked about the hot tub, I wanted nothing more than to crash and sleep. Married or not, I could hardly move. My friends warned the wedding night was nothing but a myth. There was no way anyone could function after a wedding, much less enjoy their new partner. The Aruba honeymoon would give us all the time in the world for that. A slinky white teddy waited in my bags, the perfect outfit to celebrate becoming man and wife.

Adam pulled me back as I headed for our luggage.

“Where are you going?­”

“I can’t wait to get out of this dress.­”

“Me either.­”

I smiled, nodding towards the suitcase. “I’m going to grab a pair of sweats.­”


“To sleep.­”

“Sleep?­” Adam laugh rumbled deep in my chest. “It’s our wedding night. No one sleeps on their wedding night.­”

I closed my eyes. “I am. See? Right now. Sleeping on my feet.­”

“Well, wake back up.­” Adam’s hands curled over my arms. “I want my bride to be awake for this.­”

“For what?­”

His grip tightened. He kissed my forehead. “For when I make her mine.­”

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