Benjamin Franklin's Experiments with Electricity (Annotated) (English Edition)
Benjamin Franklin


Title: Benjamin Franklin's Experiments with Electricity (Annotated) (English Edition)

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Originally published in 1905 as a portion of the larger “The Great Events by Famous Historians, Volume XIII,­” this Kindle edition, equivalent in length to a physical book of approximately 24 pages, describes Benjamin Franklin’s experiments with, and contributions to, the science of electricity.

Includes supplemental material:

• A Brief Summary of the Life of Benjamin Franklin
• About Franklin’s Experiments with Electricity, in Brief

Sample passage:
With this apparatus, on the appearance of a thunder-­gust approaching he went out into the commons, accompanied by his son, to whom alone he communicated his intentions, well knowing the ridicule which, too generally for the interest of science, awaits unsuccessful experiments in philosophy. He placed himself under a shed, to avoid the rain; his kite was raised, a thundercloud passed over it, no sign of electricity appeared. He almost despaired of success, when suddenly he observed the loose fibers of his string to move toward an erect position. He now presented his knuckle to the key and received a strong spark. How exquisite must his sensations have been at this moment! On this experiment depended the fate of his theory. If he succeeded, his name would rank high among those who had improved science; if he failed, he must inevitably be subjected to the derision of mankind, or, what is worse, their pity, as a well-­meaning man, but a weak, silly projector. The anxiety with which he looked for the result of his experiment may be easily conceived. Doubts and despair had begun to prevail, when the fact was ascertained, in so clear a manner that even the most incredulous could no longer withhold their assent. Repeated sparks were drawn from the key, a vial was charged, a shock given, and all the experiments made which are usually performed with electricity.

About the authors:
John Bigelow (1817-­1911) was an American lawyer, statesman, and author. Other works include “William Cullen Bryant,­” “The Life of Samuel J. Tilden,­” and “France and Hereditary Monarchy.­” Benjamin Franklin (1706-­1790) was an American statesman, inventor, and scientist.

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