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6 Keys to Writing Effectively
Robert Harris


Title: 6 Keys to Writing Effectively

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In this concise guide, veteran writer Robert Harris shows how anyone can overcome bad habits and learn to make good choices when writing. And it’s not that hard.

Unlike other books on writing, this one doesn't address isolated problems in the neatly segregated categories of punctuation, syntax, diction, and style. Instead, it focuses on common mistakes and misjudgments that make writing uninteresting, unclear, and unconvincing. This approach will help you learn to take a broader view and aim for the general goals of clarity, correctness, and persuasiveness in your writing.

The easy-­to-­implement guidelines in this book can transform your writing. You won’t have to wade through a lot of rules, regulations, and jargon. Instead, you will find straightforward tips that you can put to use immediately to write more effectively.

Robert Harris is the author of more than 20 books, including 6 Keys to Improving Memory, Murders by the Book, 25 Crossword Puzzles, and Acronymonics, all of which are available at amazon.­com.

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hji on 2017-­10-­09 06:­58:­39

where is the download link

Guest on 2017-­11-­02 12:­47:­09

read above. Sorry, but some links to this book were deleted according to copyright claims, or because the book was removed from hosting.