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Dev Marathi Uchar Bhasha Shastra
Sunil Palaskar


Title: Dev Marathi Uchar Bhasha Shastra

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1) The book is ‘A fictional historical novel’ of ancient cannibal Gods and goddesses and should not be considered as pure history book. As such no documentary evidences or proof or back references are necessary for support about my comments or statements in this book.
2) The books highlighted heroes (the maratha Gods and goddesses warriors)were the ancient 96-­kuli Dev maratha warriors (Dev & Devi) hailing from the Indian mythological characters, the era dated back to more than 100000 years of (B.­C).­So no concern or connection to the modern world.
3) The books all situations and incidents are from Dev-­lok(The world of Gods, goddesses, demons, danavs, demo nesses, danavis stays and always fight with each other .­so no concern about the planet earth or human and their languages, their beliefs and their religion etc.
4) The dev- lok is dominated by devs (the non-­greedy people) whereas the human-­lok is dominated by danavs (the greedy people).
5) The Dev lok is a Human earth lok type of society staying living and sharing with us on this earth itself in different format(much similar to computer terminology there are different format to store the picture .­png, .­jpg, .­bmp etc), in the present time frame only
6) The Gods, goddesses and their godly-­children are the co- dwellers of Dev lok along with us (human-­earth-­lok) and are hiding from us (human-­earth-­lok) whereas the human are visible from Dev-­lok (God-­earth).­So The Gods, goddesses and their godly-­children can see us but we cannot see them.
7) Both human lok and Dev lok co-­exist on this earth and do their respective pre allotted job and role in their respective lok (world) to keep surviving this living planet earth and total universe. While performing duties by different loks the overall outcome is shared by different loks in their particular digestive format.
8) The greediness is the curtain of separation or the line of separation of all loks. The non-­greedy animals, plants, celestial-­objects, earth, water, birds, fire etc are shared and visible by different loks local communities.
9) In short the greediness is the main factor which separates the dev-­lok from earth lok. This is the main cause that makes the Dev lok to get the visibility or invisibility from human lok. That greediness cause must be removed by human by adapting to non-­greedy life style. How to remove the greediness from our life the Authoress has given you some tips in this book. By following those tips the human lok will surely get visibility to dev lok and both lok will join together for the betterment of this earth and it’s environments That’s the main motto of writing this god series of books. So both loks (the Dev lok and human lok) are separate, different yet co-­related with each other.
10) All animals and plants are the food of human lok whereas the greedy, fatty, overeaters, over-­weight costly life styled, branded, too much money earners, property suckers, too much money earners by giving sex in exchange of money by marriage-­business, non-­hard-­workers business danavs, danavi and ravans and rich people’s human flesh are the food of Dev lok, along with the ghost lok and other co-­existed many-­loks. In short the dev lok and other loks except human lok are total human flesh eaters. I.­e. all loks are cannibalistic loks (worlds).
11) In short the Dev lok is total cannibal whereas the human-­lok is non-­cannibal or partly-­cannibal.
12) All terms, meaning, grammar, language, words, sentences in my publishers Gods-­series of book is exclusively for cannibal-­Dev-­lok, so human-­lok should not better read this book to avoid confusion and miss-­understanding of the terms used in this book (please remember the lion’s language & philosophy is different than the grass-­eaters-­animals language & philosophy. The lion’s language & philosophy tells them to go closer to the grass-­eaters to eat them. Whereas the language & philosophy of grass-­eaters tells them to run-­away from the animal-­eaters in order to save their life.

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