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Veronica Roth


Title: Allegiant

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ISBN: 9780062209276, 9780062024060

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Comments (4)

Guest on 2014-­05-­23 13:­39:­10

I'm a boss ass bitch!

Guest on 2014-­05-­28 08:­08:­08

Can you download this FREE on your NOOK?

Guest on 2014-­07-­31 11:­35:­30

The divergent series are not original i can easily connect the hunger games and this series. If you actually want new types of stories, this isnt actually your book... But its nice to use your free time for reading :)

This comment has spoilers if you havent read the story i dont suggest you to read this

It wasnt the final ending i actually imagined... I mean wtf why did tris die it has no sense but anyways its a nice story all around expect some points

Kensi_­Ward on 2014-­12-­18 15:­55:­56

is there a way to download this for free? help?