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The Enchanted Typewriter
John Kendrick Bangs


Title: The Enchanted Typewriter

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ISBN: 9781609778231, 9781613109953, 9781455326655, 9781412158046, 9782819946182, 9780011932699, 9783655030547, 9780012971949, 9780012044865, 9780000760456

It is a strange fact, for which I do not expect ever satisfactorily to account, and which will receive little credence even among those who know that I am not given to romancing— it is a strange fact, I say, that the substance of the following pages has evolved itself during a period of six months, more or less, between the hours of midnight and four o'clock in the morning, proceeding directly from a type-­writing machine standing in the corner of my library, manipulated by unseen hands. The machine is not of recent make. It is, in fact, a relic of the early seventies, which I discovered one morning when, suffering from a slight attack of the grip, I had remained at home and devoted my time to pottering about in the attic, unearthing old books, bringing to the light long-­forgotten correspondences, my boyhood collections of “stuff, ” and other memory-­inducing things. Whence the machine came originally I do not recall. My impression is that it belonged to a stenographer once in the employ of my father, who used frequently to come to our house to take down dictations

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