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[Royal Rebels 02] - At His Majesty's Convenience
Jennifer Lewis

Jennifer Lewis

[Royal Rebels 02] - At His Majesty's Convenience
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Title: [Royal Rebels 02] - At His Majesty's Convenience

356 downloads, last downloaded at February 28, 2016

When her boss accepted the role of king of a far-­off land, Andi Blake willingly followed. Yet despite her devotion, Jake Mondragon had never looked at her with desire. Until Andi lost her memory and forgot she shouldn't throw herself into her boss's arms.­Shocked—­and enticed—­by his secretary's actions, the king used Andi's amnesia to hatch the perfect plan. She would be his fake royal fiancé­e, deflecting pushy suitors and nosy public alike. But when Andi inconveniently regained her memory, she faced a choice: put the brakes on Jake's scheme, or hold out for a fairy-­tale ending!

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