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[Hilton 02] - The Devil's Own
Christopher Nicole


Title: [Hilton 02] - The Devil's Own

40 downloads, last downloaded at November 5, 2018

A Beautiful, Rapacious Mistress, A Savagely Strong Master--­And A Plantation Seething With Fearful Hatred And Forbidden Lust The lush sugar plantation of Green Grove was the envy of every planter on the island of Antigua--­just as its breathtakingly lovely mistress, Marguerite Warner, was the object of every hot-­blooded man's tropic-­fired hunger. But Marguerite had her own idea of the man she wanted. A man with enough iron strength to satisfy her carnal appetites and fulfill her ravenous dreams of power. Kit Hilton was the man she chose and wed and tried to shape to her will with every enticement of the flesh and seduction of the spirit. But no woman could hold his fiercely proud, freebooting adventurer -- and between them a struggle began that would explode in an orgy of violence and lust beyond all laws of God and man....

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