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[Aaron's Kiss 05] - Enduring Retribution
Kathi S Barton


Title: [Aaron's Kiss 05] - Enduring Retribution

240 downloads, last downloaded at February 18, 2019

Morrison isn’t human.­Â  She is a beauty,
with all the right parts to make up a stunning woman but there is so much more
of her.­Â  She is also a hired killer to
the Queen of all magick.
Her DNA ~
mixed up like a lethal cocktail gives her abilities unlike anyone has ever seen.
And when she is to help Pete Marshall, computer wiz for a pack of wolves, she
gets involved with Aaron and his kiss of vampires as well.
Tristan St.
James likes order.­Â  He lines things up in
neat rows, sharpens pencils to the exact height and he wears a tie to
everything.­Â  He is aghast with state of
Aaron’s office and won’t even go inside.­Â 

doesn’t want a mate, especially one as uptight and anal as Tristan.­Â  He thinks his life is just peachy the way it
is.­Â  But something so…primal about the
young woman messes with his order and he isn’t thrilled about it until he has a
taste of her.­Â  She risks everything,
including her life just to keep him safe.
There’s a
contract out on the Alpha. Without Bradley’s death then Aaron and his new family
die.­Â  So Bailey does the only thing she
can.­Â  She takes the life of one to save
so many.­Â 
What will
Tristan do now that his mate is a wanted criminal?

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