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[Wren 04] - Wren Journeymage
Sherwood Smith

Sherwood Smith

[Wren 04] - Wren Journeymage
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Title: [Wren 04] - Wren Journeymage

75 downloads, last downloaded at January 17, 2019

The first summer of peace brings Wren on her weekly visit to the young Queen Teressa, where she encounters the derisive, upsetting Hawk Rhiscarlan riding in! Wren races to warn Teressa, to discover he's expected, which causes the girls' first argument. Tyron gives Wren a chance to leave Meldreth by sending her on a new journeymage project--­to find Connor, who had wandered off to the Summer Isles. When Wren vanishes, her scry stone abandoned, Teressa veers between regret over the argument, worry about Wren, and the beguilement of attraction as Hawk skillfully upsets her court. Wren has just made friends with some young sailors when they are captured and forced on board a shady smuggler, where Wren learns all about the sea. When pirates attack, Wren does magic, which leads her straight to another confrontation with the villain she hates most, aided by the boy she . . . what do you call these feelings? Once again the four--­Wren, Teressa, Connor, and Tyron--­find themselves deep in adventure, as they try to navigate the treacherous waters of growing up.

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