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The Bronte Sisters - The Complete Novels (Annotated) + Extras
Bronte, Charlotte


Title: The Bronte Sisters - The Complete Novels (Annotated) + Extras

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Explore this wonderfully put together e-­book designed specifically for Kindle format by our team.

Includes the major works of the Brontë sisters as well as the lesser known ones. Also includes the beautiful poetry collection by the Brontë sisters as well as poems and two sermons by their father Patrick Brontë. Included is an in-­depth biography which give a glimpse into the life of Charlotte and her sisters.

The format of this e-­book is designed to be easily navigational in three ways; you can navigate by a simple click from chapter to chapter or from book to book. There is also a table of contents per book and one global table of contents.

This e-­book features:
• Jane Eyre - by Charlotte Brontë
• The Professor - by Charlotte Brontë
• Villette - by Charlotte Brontë
• Albion and Marina - by Charlotte Brontë
• Stancliffe’s Hotel - by Charlotte Brontë
• Mina Laury - by Charlotte Brontë
• The Story of Willie Ellin - by Charlotte Brontë
• Shirley - by Charlotte Brontë
• Emma - by Charlotte Brontë (her last unfinished novel)
• Wuthering Heights - by Emily Brontë
• Agnes Grey - by Anne Brontë
• The Tenant of Wildfell Hall - by Anne Brontë
• Cottage Poems by Patrick Brontë
• Poems by Currer Bell, Acton Bell and Ellis Bell (collection written under their pen names)
• Charlotte Brontë and Her Circle by Clement Shorter (biography featuring correspondence by Charlotte Brontë )

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