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The Yellow Wallpaper (Illustrated with literary analysis)
Charlotte Perkins Gilman


Title: The Yellow Wallpaper (Illustrated with literary analysis)

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First appearing in the New England Magazine in January 1892, "The Yellow Wall-­paper,­" according to many literary critics, is a narrative study of Gilman's own depression and "nervousness.­" Gilman, like the narrator of her story, sought medical help from the famous neurologist S. Weir Mitchell. Mitchell prescribed his famous "rest cure,­" which restricted women from anything that labored and taxed their minds (e.­g., thinking, reading, writing) and bodies. More than just a psychological study of postpartum depression, Gilman's "The Yellow Wall-­paper" offers a compelling study of Gilman's own feminism and of roles for women in the 1890s and 1910s.

This edition includes illustrations and an introduction by the editor, eBook Camp. This is an original plot summary and literary analysis not found elsewhere. This is added for your enjoyment and understanding of this historical period piece.

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