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[Warrior 07] - A Warrior's Bride
Margaret Moore

Margaret Moore

[Warrior 07] - A Warrior's Bride
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Title: [Warrior 07] - A Warrior's Bride

277 downloads, last downloaded at February 3, 2019

The Bride Wore Chain Mail...­or would have, if she could, for the Lady Aileas Dugall was more concerned with things martial than marital. Nevertheless, she was the woman Sir George de Gramercie desired. Though he wondered if she would come to the marriage bed more warrior than wife?­Aileas Dugall bemoaned the fate that bound her to Sir George de Gramercie, a knight who seemed more interested in the luxuries of life than the mechanics of war. Still, when he gazed at her with husbandly intent, she wanted nothing more than to surrender...!

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