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[Living Blonde 03] - How to Date a Millionaire
Allison Rushby


Title: [Living Blonde 03] - How to Date a Millionaire

23 downloads, last downloaded at December 14, 2018

Nessa Joanne Mulholland, aka Marilyn Monroe's no. 1 teenage fan, is about to become a big sister - twice over. Her movie-­star stepmother, Holly, is very pregnant with twins when, suddenly, B and G (that's Boy and Girl) decide they need to get away from it all. Within hours, Nessa, her dad, Holly, best friend Alexa and tag-­along cousin Nat are on a private jet and headed for some rest and relaxation Hawaiian-­style. Except that, on hitting the sand, there's not a lot of rest and relaxation to be found. The penthouse apartment they've booked is suddenly unavailable, Holly's blood pressure skyrockets, Nat is bronzed-­beach-­boy crazy and what's with the three cute guys living upstairs? Laugh! At Nat's crazy antics. (Will Nessa and Alexa really have to chain her to the apartment balcony to keep her out of boy trouble?­) Cry! When Nessa meets someone who's had the life-­saving operation her mum couldn't have. Sigh! As two gorgeous babies make their way into the world. And applaud! As...

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