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[Sinclare Brothers 02] - Under the Highlander's Spell
Donna Fletcher


Title: [Sinclare Brothers 02] - Under the Highlander's Spell

264 downloads, last downloaded at August 26, 2015

A Thrilling Rescue. . .­Highland warrior Artair Sinclare would do anything to find his missing brother. But the only woman who can help him is about to be burned at the stake! Zia, a talented healer, has been branded a witch by vicious local villagers. Swooping in to save her at the very last moment, Artair swears to protect her...­even if the only way to keep her safe is to pretend to be her beloved husband.­A Tempting Alliance. . .­Marry this savage stranger? Never! Yet the beautiful and determined Zia soon realizes that she needs Artair's help to proceed with her life's work. She submits to their risky charade, growing closer to Artair all the while. Hunted by treacherous enemies, they escape to a wild, wooded place deep in the Scottish Highlands, where unexpected desires ignite...­and Zia finds herself utterly, wholly under the Highlander's spell.

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