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[Rich, Royal & Rebellious] - The Warrior King's Virgin Queen
Kelly Curry


Title: [Rich, Royal & Rebellious] - The Warrior King's Virgin Queen

283 downloads, last downloaded at February 25, 2019

Nicolas de Cavalière never expected to become the King of Androsette, but after the deaths of his father and the loss of his beloved brother in a tragic plane crash - the crown now weighs heavy on his own handsome head as the last surviving male de Cavalière. Trying his best to deal with his great grief, he stumbles across a mysterious baby on the palace grounds with eyes of a distinctive cerulean blue - de Cavalière eyes!

Nicolas next stumbles upon Grier Garrison, who made the painful decision to leave her orphaned nephew, Micah, in Androsette so he could have the life of privilege and royalty he deserves as the true King of Androsette. Both Nicolas and Grier soon realize the only way to ensure Micah eventually ascends to his rightful place on the throne, is for them to marry and pretend he is their son - a plan that appeals to neither. But duty soon turns to desire...­and the very destiny of a kingdom is tested when a 21st century throwback 'Warrior King' finds himself battling not just for the future of his country... but for the heart of his Virgin Queen.
-­Sweet Serendipity, Now Available
-­I Need A Hero - coming soon!

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