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[Club Volare 01] - Sold to the Sheikh
Chloe Cox


Title: [Club Volare 01] - Sold to the Sheikh

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SOLD TO THE SHEIKH is an emotional, erotic BDSM romance about finding a way to move on and love again...
Stella Spencer is grateful for any job she can get after her divorce, even if it's at her friend's exclusive BDSM club. And Club Volare proves the perfect place to hide while she mends a shattered heart--­until she interrupts an auction scene, and the powerful Sheikh Bashir al Aziz bin Said decides that Stella is the woman that he wants. Not in a million years would Stella consider selling herself to anyone, for any reason--­but the Sheikh, all muscular six feet of him, is not a man who takes no for an answer. And when he touches her... Stella's never felt anything like it.
At Club Volare for one last wild weekend before his family requires him to settle down, Sheikh Bashir doesn't expect to find a woman he can trust, or a woman who challenges him. Stella Spencer is a challenge, all right: both vulnerable and guarded, beautiful and insecure, and a closet submissive. And Bashir is drawn to her in a way he can't quite explain--­only he's convinced she's hiding something, and Bashir has reasons for not trusting the women in his life. But Stella Spencer has a hold on him like nothing he's ever experienced, and Sheikh Bashir knows he must have her.
Stella is afraid to open her heart to love again after the way she's been hurt, but Sheikh Bashir wants to be the Dom to show her who she truly is--­and Sheikh Bashir always gets what he wants.
SOLD TO THE SHEIKH is approximately 55,­000 words, or about 220 traditional print pages.­From the AuthorHi! I'm Chloe Cox, and I love to tell stories. My work seems to revolve around characters who are in some way broken, yet try to find ways to connect with others in spite of their wounds, which describes most of the people I know who've been through the dating scene. So to me, these are essentially hopeful stories, with a lot of steamy scenes and always with a happy ending. And, because I can't help but be a little goofy, they've usually got some humor as well.
If you want to keep up with my new releases, the best way to do that is probably to sign up for my New Releases list (I only use it for that! Plus I release books at a discount for fans) here: smarturl.­it/WFNewReleases. Otherwise my online home is at chloecoxwrites.­com and my soon-­to-­be awesome facebook page--­come say hi!

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