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The Inheritance- Anything He Craves
Terry Towers


Title: The Inheritance- Anything He Craves

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Angelica, comes from a family with secrets
All families have secrets but none much bigger than that of Angelica Lawson. When her father dies tragically she is shocked to discover that her father has kept a secret; he has an adopted son along with an ex-­wife. But she is even more shocked to discover that she needs to reach out to Logan and convince him to move into the manor with her for a period of one month before they can receive their inheritance.
Logan, the self-­made billionaire.
Logan feels nothing but resentment for his adoptive father, so feels no remorse for Angelica when she goes to him pleading for his help. Being that he has already made his own fortune he has no desire for his share of the inheritance. But when she promises to do anything he wants if he will just fulfill his part in the will's requirements, he agrees. But the inheritance is the last thing on his mind.
Can love be found under all the layers of hurt and resentment?
Passions ignite and the inheritance becomes the last thing on either of their minds as they struggle with their inner demons and their raging desires for one another.

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