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[SwanSea Place 03] - The Promise
Fayrene Preston


Title: [SwanSea Place 03] - The Promise

128 downloads, last downloaded at January 5, 2019

POWERFUL DYNASTY… — Conall Deverell was stunned by Sharon Graham's
demand: that he honor a promise made by his grandfather to her
great-­aunt -- and that the favor she wanted was that he make her
pregnant! Ten years before, he'd broken her heart by saying the child
she carried couldn't be his, that she must... more » have been
unfaithful -- and he'd abandoned the girl who'd been his first love to
run the family corporation. Now she vowed that this time he'd know the
baby was his…but she wanted nothing else from the formidable man once
she'd proved her case. Conall found Sharon almost impossible to resist,
but the master gamesman insisted she beguile him into taking her
challenge, that she make him want her, make his blood boil; Sharon
craved Conall's intimate embraces with a wildness that made her panic.
But unless she fled Conall's domain, she feared he'd never free her
heart. Would Swansea's legacy be that true love once lost could be

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