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[Irresistible Inmate 02] - Arrested Love
Jean Baker


Title: [Irresistible Inmate 02] - Arrested Love

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Duncan, experienced with farm work, becomes a natural helpmate and partner to Goldie. Their passion grows and every moment that's available finds them experiencing sexual activities that rival the Karma Sutra.
Financial problems and worry about losing the farm is constantly on Goldie's mind. Troubles increase when defends her from a vicious attacker. Duncan's actions cause the knowledge of his background to explode to the surface and he is jailed. Trouble with the law and the recovery of Goldie's injuries does not slow the growth of sexual passion that evolves into a deep abiding love between the two. All that needs to be done is clear up his past.
Every page sizzles with their ardent sexual escapades, tempered by love. Guaranteed to stir the reader's emotions.  
Books one and two are available on Amazon.

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