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Creighton Manor
Karen Michelle Nutt


Title: Creighton Manor

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The last thing Gillian Metcalf remembers before she passes out is being aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach, California, where she witnesses a dog disappearing as if it were a phantom. So how did she end up in 1870 and in a man's room aboard the Ida Belle, traveling down the Mississippi? Zachary Creighton, a gambler with one goal: to win back Creighton Manor. Marriage is not part of the plan, but since he is found with Gillian in his room, reputations are at stake, his included.­To keep peace with his reluctant bride, he makes a bargain with her. He needs a tutor for his nephew Tyler, and she needs a roof over her head until they can annul their sham of a marriage. However, Zachary finds himself falling for Gillian's oddly charming ways despite the fact the woman claims to be from the future. The gamble is trust, but will the stakes prove too high for Zachery to risk it all and win Gillian's heart?­Review"The emotions were in full bloom in this page-­turning read.­" Cherokee, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More
"Ms. Nutt has penned a wonderful romantic time travel story that will have you flipping the pages. The characters have personalities that sing off the pages. Readers will have a great time reading this book.­" ~Night Owl Reviews
"Creighton Manor is a wonderful blend of improbabilities that weave together seamlessly.  This smart, intriguing novel is an enjoyable read, chock full of surprises.­" ~Bitten by Books
Creighton Manor is an incredibly heartwarming and fantastic love story that has been magically brought to life by the rich and vibrant words of Karen Michelle Nutt. The unspoken passion between Gillian and Zachary will leave the reader breathlessly anticipating the end, devouring each and every page.­" ~Amy J Ramsey, Ramsey Reviews
Honorable Mention 2009 PEARL
ParaNormal Excellence Award in Romantic Literature
From the AuthorI'm a Time Traveler and Love It!­To write my historical time travel, Creighton Manor and give it a ring of truth, I had to do a little time traveling myself. I came across these wonderful books documenting life in Natchez during the 1870's. Henry C. Norman obsession with photography gives us a vivid account of Natchez life through the years. He took portraits, street scenes, parades, ceremonies, news events and just ordinary day to day life photos. We have Joan W. Gandy and Thomas H. Gandy to thank for saving these photos and restoring them. They put together a fine collection of books with Mr. Norman's photos, giving me a chance to walk the streets of Natchez in 1870 and observed life there. I didn't have to visualize what the woman or men wore, I could see the dresses, kid shoes and bowler hats. I stepped into the mercantile and saw what I could purchase for the week and on the seedier side of town, a dram of whiskey would suffice at the Under-­the-­Hill Saloon. Natchez Collections can be purchased at Amazon:­amazon.­com/s/ref=nttathrdpsr2?_­encoding=UTF8&­sort=relevancerank&­search-­alias=books&­field-­author=Thomas%20H.­%20GandyIn 1970, Natchez still relied on the steamboats for traveling and transporting goods. Mr. Norman's photos are the only ones in existence to tell us what the steamboats looked like from the inside out. His photos of the steamboats gave me another idea for my story. The Great Mississippi Steamboat Race took place in 1870. Captain John W. Cannon and T.­P. Leathers were at one time partners. When they ended their partnership, a mutual hatred developed between them. Leathers took the Natchez on a fast trip to St. Louis. He beat the J.­M White record that had stood for twenty-­five years. Everyone believed this is what brought about the race from New Orleans to St. Louis. Both Leathers and Cannon insisted they wouldn't race, but no one believed them.­Cannon stripped The Robert E. Lee and took no passengers. He arranged a refueling in midstream. Leathers was confident that he would win and took freight and passengers with no preparations. Unfortunately, for the Natchez, the Robert E. Lee broke the New Orleans to St. Louis record with three days, eighteen hours and thirteen minutes. This speed has never been bettered by another steamboat. Since my main character was a gambler, what could be better than having him place a bet on this race? I found my information in Time Life Books, The Old West: The Gamblers. I love this series it is full of facts and photos of long ago. The series was given to me from my parents in 1981 and the books still have a home on my bookshelf today. I can't tell you how many times I've referred back to these books for tidbits about the old west. You can still find used copies of this series at Amazon: amazon.­com/Old-­West-­Gamblers-­Time-­Life/dp/B000UE11HC/ref=sr13?­ie=UTF8&­s=books&­qid=1265763074&­sr=1-­3With these research books, I was able to travel back in time, walk the streets of Natchez and hear the distinct trills of the steamboat whistles without ever leaving my desk.

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