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[Barbarian Claims 03] - Warlord Reunited
Cynthia Sax


Title: [Barbarian Claims 03] - Warlord Reunited

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Warlord Reunited Cynthia Sax   Book 3 of Barbarian Claims series Solar cycles ago, Elle bonded with Berke, the fiercest of all Warlords. He declared their sexually intense bonding a mistake, deposited Elle on a distant planet and returned to Chamele to fight a war. Elle dealt with their separation by creating one of the best bounty-­hunter schools in the galaxies. Now, two of her top students have made the same mistake she did, bonding with Chamele Warlords. Determined to develop an antidote and save them from the pain she’s experienced, Elle captures her barbarian mate. Tempers flare and passions burn as she thaws the ice around Berke’s heart, revealing a desire too strong to ever be dissolved. Because the most savage lust and love is hidden within the coldest of Warlords. A Romantica® futuristic erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

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