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Hunter, Hunted- Claimed by the Enemy
Madelene Martin


Title: Hunter, Hunted- Claimed by the Enemy

3666 downloads, last downloaded at July 8, 2019

Adrianna'­s people live on the edge of untamed forests, fighting back the wilderness and warring with supernatural creatures. From a long line of Hunters, she has been brought up to hate the werewolves, her peoples' ancient enemy.­

She has taught herself to make weapons, to use a bow, to kill a werewolf. But as a woman she is forbidden to hunt, instead fated to live her whole life in the village of her birth and marry the man her family has chosen for her.­

Unable to accept her destiny, Adrianna learns how to hunt in secret. But when she finally encounters her enemy, what happens is beyond her wildest fears. Being claimed as the werewolf'­s mate is the worst fate that could have befallen her.­

But in her first days with her captor, Adrianna soon learns that the werewolves are not at all what she'­s been ­taught to believe...­

This erotic romance novella contains explicit sexual scenes and is intended for adult audiences.­

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