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[Sir Henry Merrivale 14] - She Died a Lady
John Dickson Carr as Carter Dickson


Title: [Sir Henry Merrivale 14] - She Died a Lady

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A SIR HENRY MERRIVALE MYSTERY. A suicide pact was just the sort of notion that would appeal to Rita Wainwright. Her notorious love affair with the young American actor, Barry Sullivan, was flamboyant enough to warrant a dramatic ending, so when the two of them vanished over a cliff one rainy night, leaving only a farewell note for Rita's husband and a pair of footprints to the edge, no one doubted that it was suicide. No one, that is, but Doctor Luke, Rita's old family doctor and one of the few people in the seaside village of Lyncombe who genuinely liked her. When amateur detective Sir Henry Merrivale, who is in the district having his portrait done by a local artist, agrees to investigate, the questions start piling up. But what of it? Are the doctor's doubts without merit, or was there a more sinister plot at play? It takes the blustering, rampaging H.­M. to solve this baffling mystery.

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