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[Pleasures 07] - Cured by Pleasure
Lacey Thorn

Lacey Thorn

[Pleasures 07] - Cured by Pleasure
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Title: [Pleasures 07] - Cured by Pleasure

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Deja loves her career working as a temp, moving from job to job, covering for those on holiday, sick leave, or just filling vacated positions not yet occupied. Growing up in foster care, she was accustomed to moving around a lot, until she found a home and two sisters, Skye and Melda.

Arriving at another job in a physician’s office, Deja meets the three doctors at the practice—each of them a woman’s greatest fantasy in the flesh. Normally, she’d pick one and make her move, but she wants all three and can’t decide.

Asher, Beck, and Spencer share more than a practice. Sharing a woman, showering her with pleasure is the perfect prescription to cure any ailment. When they convince Deja to join them for one night, no one expects more than a brief fling. But what will they do when none of them wants to walk away?

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