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[Taken 02] - Frozen
Erin Bowman


Title: [Taken 02] - Frozen

122 downloads, last downloaded at November 27, 2014

The second book in Erin Bowman's gripping dystopian sci-­fi series, this exhilarating sequel to Taken is perfect for fans of Incarceron by Catherine Fisher and Variant by Robison Wells.­Gray Weathersby has escaped Claysoot and uncovered the truth behind the Laicos Project and the Order's twisted plans. Determined to fight back, his small group of rebels is on the hunt for more answers and more allies--­a search that will take them on a harrowing journey across a frozen wasteland, and even deeper into a world built on the Order's lies.­In Frozen, discover more of the nonstop action and riveting plot twists that made Marie Lu, New York Times bestselling author of the Legend trilogy, call Taken "an action-­packed thrill ride from beginning to end.­"

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