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I'm With the Bears- Short Stories from a Damaged Planet
Mark Martin (ed)


Title: I'm With the Bears- Short Stories from a Damaged Planet

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The size and severity of the global climate crisis is such that even the most committed environmentalists are liable to live in a state of denial. The award-­winning writers collected here have made it their task to shake off this nagging disbelief, bringing the incomprehensible within our grasp and shaping an emotional response to the deterioration of our global habitat. From T. C. Boyle's account of early eco-­activists, to Nathaniel Rich's vision of a near future where oil sells for $800 a barrel--­these ten provocative, occasionally chilling, sometimes satirical stories bring a human reality to disasters of inhuman proportions.

Royalties from I'm With the Bears will go to 350.­org, an international grassroots movement working to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

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