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[Cops & Hotties 03] - Quid Pro Quo
Roxie Rivera

Roxie Rivera

[Cops & Hotties 03] - Quid Pro Quo
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Title: [Cops & Hotties 03] - Quid Pro Quo

1152 downloads, last downloaded at January 26, 2019

Nez needs money and help. There's only one man she can turn to:­  Greg, the SWAT cop who has looked after her since she was a homeless teenager. She expects him to give her a few hundred bucks to tide her over until she can find a new job but he offers so much more. In exchange for supporting her, Greg wants a little quid pro quo—on his desk, in his shower and in his bed. After lusting after drop-­dead sexy cop for years, Nez realizes this is an offer she can't refuse. Tonight, she's going to earn her keep!

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