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[Fangs of Anarchy 01] - Killing the Alpha
Dakota Cassidy


Title: [Fangs of Anarchy 01] - Killing the Alpha

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Fangs of
Anarchy- Killing The
Alpha : Part
One—Alpha Down 
McConnell would give his immortality for a taste of Claire Montgomery. But the
Fangs of Anarchy leader can’t risk his biker club, his vampire clan, or his
tenuous truce with werewolf Gannon Dodd, Claire’s pack alpha—and her intended
mate. Nope. Vamps and weres don’t mix, and Irish has managed to keep that in
mind for five long, lust-­filled years.
But now
Claire’s gone and done something really, really (really!­) bad, guaranteeing her
doom if she’s ever found out. Truce be damned, Irish won’t leave her
unprotected, despite the fact this is one murder-­filled bundle of trouble he
doesn’t need.
unfortunately for Irish, the trouble’s just beginning…
note: Dear readers, this is part one of approximately a five-­part serial. You
know what that means? That’s right—cliffhangers (cue evil music). But wait!
Before you hate, I hear anticipation is good for your complexion, and even your
hair. I don’t know if that’s true or just a rumor, but is it worth the risk?
Nonetheless, I solemnly swear to keep the stories coming swiftly, so your heads
don’t asplode from waiting!

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