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[Grey Wolf Pack 02] - The Alpha's Mate
E A Price


Title: [Grey Wolf Pack 02] - The Alpha's Mate

8542 downloads, last downloaded at November 27, 2019

Rosalee Bennett comes to the town of Rose after inheriting the house of a grandmother she never knew. Things don’t exactly get off to a good start when she runs into the infuriating but sexy Alpha in the local grocery store and then gets in the middle of an argument in the local pizza parlour. Not that it matters, she’s not planning on staying in the sleepy little town. Adam Grey, Alpha of the pack, never has trouble with women. They all practically fall at his feet, until Rosalee... He doesn’t exactly make a great first impression, which is even more frustrating when he actually realises what his wolf was trying to tell him – she’s his mate. The Alpha struggles to think of a way to woo his sparky little mate. However when she wakes to find a burglar prowling in her house thankfully there’s a very determined wolf on hand to literally burst through her door to protect her... Can the Alpha convince his mate to stay with him? Can he keep her safe long enough to even make that decision? Warning! Contains scenes of a sexual nature with m/f interaction intended for mature readers. (And there’s quite a bit of swearing too!­) Naughty Alpha... 

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