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Patient Mates: (Book 7 Grey Wolf Pack Romance Novellas)
E A Price


Title: Patient Mates: (Book 7 Grey Wolf Pack Romance Novellas)

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After living as a rogue wolf for two years Kira Norton returned home to find she was no longer welcome. Even her twin sister and fellow Omega Lilah wanted nothing to do with her. But when Kira discovers the real reason (or the real person) behind Lilah’s aloofness she vows to protect her sister.

Stealing away Kira takes Lilah to the one place she felt safe and accepted, Rose. The twins hope the small town will provide a chance at a fresh start, a chance to reconnect with one another and time to reawaken their dormant Omega powers.

Gabe North has always been easygoing. When it comes to women he prefers things to be casual. Witnessing the destruction of his parent’s relationship was enough to put any wolf off mating... But when a certain ex-­rogue wolf wanders back into town his resolve is thrown out the window.

With the threat of Kira’s old pack looming can Gabe keep her safe long enough to even convince himself that he can be the mate she deserves?

Please note this novella is approximately 32,­500 words in length (coffee break read!­)
But I must advise caution! This novella contains scenes of a sexual nature with m/f interaction intended for mature readers. (And there’s a bit of swearing too!­) Bad wolves...

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