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DANCE WITH THE DEVIL (Behind the Scenes of Investigation Discovery's "Dark Minds") (English Edition)
M. William Phelps


Title: DANCE WITH THE DEVIL (Behind the Scenes of Investigation Discovery's "Dark Minds") (English Edition)

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For the first time, read the actual chilling documents written by a master serial killer ("I could not stop my hands from squeezing her throat as hard as I could ...­"), and read the letters between this infamous serial murderer and a renowned investigative journalist!

In this second exclusive e-­book accompanying the hit Investigation Discovery series he created, “Dark Minds,­” investigative journalist M. William Phelps, author of 20 books, a noted serial killer expert, explores what goes on behind-­the-­scenes in this unique serial killer series as he investigates and films an episode.

In August 1982, a 30-­year-­old woman, Jane Goodwin, was found murdered in her Newark, New Jersey apartment. Her killer had strangled Jane until she passed out. Then, reportedly, he ripped open her blouse, posed her with her breasts exposed, and repeatedly stabbed Jane in the chest. He left no fingerprints or DNA—just a shattered, grieving family.

Over the next 19 years, three other women were attacked in a similar fashion. Two of them, Karen Osman (at Rutgers University in Newark) and Carmen Rodriquez (in Hartford, Connecticut) died at this monster’s hand.

Police eventually caught their assailant, Edwin “Ned” Snelgrove, a promising college grad with an uncontrollable desire to hurt women. Ned was jailed. Yet while serving a 20-­year sentence, he developed a twisted obsession with one very sick hero—infamous serial murderer Ted Bundy, a man he wrote about extensively in his prison letters to a friend. Ned studied the notorious killer, looked up to him. And as Ned festered in prison, waiting for the day he was to be cut loose, he decided he would be better than Bundy when he got out and started killing once again.

After getting out of prison in 1999, Ned committed another murder and was sentenced to 60 years—which was when M. William Phelps stepped in and decided to stage the ultimate coup: get Ned to admit to Jane Goodwin’s murder nearly 30 years before. But as Phelps plays cat and mouse with this cunning psychopath, sometimes it’s hard to tell who is the puppet and who is the master. As he gets in deeper, Phelps turns to criminal profiler John Kelly, who has managed to keep a killer on the line for ten years— Dark Minds consultant extraordinaire, the incarcerated serial murderer code-­named 13.

In this e-­book, Phelps takes readers into the twisted world of his crazy relationship with serial murderer Ned Snelgrove, the subject of Phelps’s award-­winning book, “I’ll Be Watching You.­”

Will Phelps learn how to use a killer to catch a killer—or has he been controlled and manipulated by a truly Dark Mind?

Read the e-­book and decide!

Author Bio

Investigative journalist M. William Phelps, a serial killer expert, is the national bestselling, award-­winning author of twenty nonfiction books, including five about serial murderers. Winner of 2008 New England Book Festival Award for I'll Be Watching You, Phelps has appeared on "The View,­" "The Today Show, "GMA,­" and over 100 additional television shows as a crime expert, the USA Radio Network, Catholic Radio, Ava Maria Radio, ABC News Radio and Radio America, who calls him "the nation's leading authority on the mind of the female murderer.­" He frequently appears on the hit Investigation Discovery show "Deadly Women.­" He's written for the Providence Journal, Hartford Courant, the New London Day, and has been profiled in such noted publications as Writer's Digest, NY Daily News, Newsday, Albany Times-­Union, Hartford Courant, Connecticut Magazine, Suspense magazine, Forensic Nursing, and the NY Post. He also consulted on the first season of the Showtime cable television series "Dexter.­"

Through his work, Phelps is on an obsessive quest to find the reasons why people kill and what stirs inside the dark minds of serial murderers. He lives in a small Conn. farming community.

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