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Finding Money, over 500 places to find spare cash in your life. (English Edition)
J. Godsey


Title: Finding Money, over 500 places to find spare cash in your life. (English Edition)

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A revised super-­compendium of money-­saving and money earning tips that are often overlooked. Tips for household, office, family and personal money saving in today's depressed economy. Some are your basic 'whack on the side of the head', other suggestions are best practices for couponing, pet, home and car care. (12K word article)

Contents: Personal Advice • Dealing with Friends and Family • Clothing • Reading Material • Viewing Material • Entertainment • Eating In • Eating Out • Health • Food Shopping • Food Storage • Cooking • Couponing • Non-­Food • Baby • Fix things • Climate Control • Electricity • Water • Laundry • Yard • Communication & Data • Devices • Financial • Transportation • Traveling • Pets • Reduce Recycle and Reuse • Decluttering • How to Earn a Little More

• Save your pocket change but don’t count it! just bring it to the bank when you go and put it in your savings account.
• Learn how to make craft cocktails at home, save money and impress your friends.
• Have a hemming party! Borrow a sewing machine invite friends and family bring their clothes to be hemmed items over.
• Have your doctor write you a three month prescription – then you only pay one co-­pay instead of three.
• Stock piles aren’t just for disasters, if you have a week or a months worth of food you can dip into it to tide you over when you run out of food money. Don’t forget to fill it up again. Think of it like your own food bank.

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