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Never See Them Again
M. William Phelps


Title: Never See Them Again

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ISBN: 9780786030552

"One of our most engaging crime journalists.­" -­Katherine Ramsland
In the summer of 2003, the Houston suburb of Clear Lake, Texas, was devastated when four young residents were viciously slain. The two female victims were just eighteen-­years-­old, popular and beloved--­but when a killer came knocking, it turned out to be someone they knew all too well. . ..­Seventeen-­year-­old Christine Paolilla was an awkward outsider--­until the girls befriended her. In this gripping true story, M. William Phelps delves into the heart of a baffling mystery to get to the truth of an act so brutal it could not be understood--­until now.
"Phelps is the Harlan Coben of real-­life thrillers.­" -­Allison Brennan
"The best true-­crime writer to come along in years.­" -­Gregg Olsen
Praise for M. William Phelps
"Phelps ratchets up the dramatic tension.­" -­Stephen Singular
"One of America's finest true-­crime writers.­" -­Vincent Bugliosi
"Phelps creates a vivid portrait.­" - Publishers Weekly
Includes 16 Pages Of Dramatic Photos

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