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The Consolation of Philosophy


Title: The Consolation of Philosophy

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ISBN: 1230000098137, 9781438591308, 9781420923926, 9781455428557, 9780486113166, 9781471785894, 9781304847416, 9780044165651, 9783655134665, 9780014196753, 9783847200086

An eminent public figure under the Gothic emperor Theodoric, Boethius (c. AD 475-­525) was also an exceptional Greek scholar and it was to the Greek philosophers that he turned when he fell from favour and was imprisoned in Pavia. Written in the period leading up to his brutal execution, it is a dialogue of alternating prose and verse between the ailing prisoner and his 'nurse' Philosophy, whose instruction on the nature of fortune and happiness, good and evil, fate and free will, restores his health and brings him to enlightenment.
The clarity of Boethius's thought and his breadth of vision made The Consolation of Philosophy hugely popular throughout medieval Europe and his ideas suffused the thought of Chaucer and Dante. This translation makes it accessible to the modern reader while losing nothing of Boethius's poetic artistry and philosophical brilliance.

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