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The Fugitives: The Tyrant Queen of Madagascar
R. M. Ballantyne


Title: The Fugitives: The Tyrant Queen of Madagascar

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ISBN: 9781465528384, 9780014766000

The Fugitives, by Robert M. Ballantyne. He was a Scottish juvenile fiction writer.
A group of people from a British ship have gone ashore to stretch their legs, when enemies approach, the ship's boat retreats to the ship and they are left stranded ashore. The book deals with their efforts to find what they hope will be civilisation in the capital of the Island of Madagascar, which is something like the size of France. Unfortunately the reigning Queen has a hatred of Christianity which had been brought to the Island by missionaries some forty years before. Our heroes find themselves assisted by a Christian net work, but when they get to the capital they are appalled by the carnage and torture they find when the Queen has one of her rages against Christianity.
Based on fact, the story told here of the repression of Christianity in an emerging nation. The Queen died in 1867, and was succeeded by her son, an altogether different person, at which point our heroes take ship for England, and the story ends.

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