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Cora Blu


Title: Neighbors

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The CEO of the design firm, Proper Spaces, Lucy Alexander is quickly becoming a force in the design industry. With a small but successful business and a brownstone in Orchid Bay, she has everything she could want. And then she meets Bail Cooper. With his blue eyes, slick six pack, tight butt and Irish brogue, he’s the temptation she has resisted…for eight long months.
A man accustomed to getting what he wants, multi-­millionaire Bail MacKay purchases companies like Proper Spaces. His alter ego, Bail Cooper, is a fitness model who edits film soundtracks as a hobby. In an effort to purchase Proper Spaces, he moves to Orchid Bay in an effort to get close to Lucy and discover what it will take for her to sell. Renting part of the brownstone from her, he gets to know her over eight months…and realizes several things…Lucy's more than the face behind the business, she's the face of his dreams.


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