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The Salvation of Daniel (The Blue Butterfly Book 2) (English Edition)
D H Sidebottom


Title: The Salvation of Daniel (The Blue Butterfly Book 2) (English Edition)

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The second book in the Blue butterfly series.

Mae had taught me many things; the ability to smile, that hope was a real ideal and most of all that I was worthy of love. Annie also showed me that. She showed me how to see the good things in life. How to sing with the birds every morning, how to laugh when flour and egg decorated the kitchen walls and how to feel the warmth of the sun every day.
She also proved that I could love with an engulfing force. And I did. I loved my daughter with every fibre of me and every raw nerve that had once only felt pain. My heart swelled with each of her cheeky smiles and every single sweet echo of her voice.

My daughter was very much her mother’s child. From the lustre of her ebony hair to her twinkling sky blue eyes and from the way her smile lifted my heart, to the way her stubborn side exasperated me.

I was strong in my beliefs. Determined to raise her the way her mother had wanted me to. But Annie, like Mae, found the funny side to life so effortlessly. She laughed easily and frequently, she delighted in simple things and braved each daily troubles optimistically.
And I followed her. She taught me how to live as I taught her how to grow.

And just as I relaxed into life as a father, my father found his way back into mine.
As did Connie, Mae’s dead sister.

Goodbyes can’t be taken back.
The past refuses to be varied.
And death cannot be reversed…

Or can it?

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