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Since You've Been Gone
Elle Kennedy


Title: Since You've Been Gone

390 downloads, last downloaded at December 27, 2018

ISBN: 9781619214750

Austin Bishop is going home to face some difficult truths, but that doesn’t mean he can’t take the long way home. So rather than hop on a plane, he accepts a photography assignment that requires a cross-­country drive. The road can be a lonely place, though, and when he spots a cute redhead leaning against a broken-­down car, he stops to offer the stranded damsel a ride. Mari Smith has lost her job and her apartment, she’s moving back in with her parents, and now it looks like she’s without a car, too. When a sexy, dark-­haired stranger stops to help, she’s utterly grateful. And utterly tempted to explore their sizzling chemistry. The fresh-­faced Mari is so sweet, so smoking hot, so easy to be with, Austin finds himself spilling a shocking secret he’s been holding onto for the past year. But passion doesn’t fix everything. And Austin realizes he has some personal demons to vanquish before he and Mari can hope for a chance at forever. Warning: This book features a hero who knows exactly what he wants between the sheets and a redhead who isn’t scared to give it to him!

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