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Caught Boxed Set: The 5 Short Story Collection of Totally TABOO Domination Erotica
Lydia Best


Title: Caught Boxed Set: The 5 Short Story Collection of Totally TABOO Domination Erotica

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Adult Only Warning: This is a collection of Totally TABOO Erotica!
The 5 Short Story Collection of Totally TABOO Erotica! The stories include:

THE BABYSITTER’S FIRST TIME: When James comes home early and confronts his babysitter, Laurie, about why she brought ‘how to’ books about sex into his home with his kids around, she knows she is in trouble. But when he threatens to tell her parents, she admits the truth… that she is just trying to learn what sex is really like because she is embarrassed to be a nineteen year old virgin. But when he insists that the only way to learn about sex is by experiencing it, Laurie finds herself in a position she never expected. Now the sexy older man has her panties are on the floor, her bare legs spread apart and innocent Laurie is about to find out everything she ever wanted to know.

CAUGHT BY HER TWO TEACHERS: When Hallie gets caught breaking into her teacher’s office, she knows she is in trouble. But when the two sexy teachers who caught her tell her that they are calling the police, Hallie promises to do whatever it takes to get out of trouble. Now they have her bent over the desk and each of these big, hard men is ready to take their time enjoying every inch of their caught co-­ed.

THE SUMMER INTERN’S GANGBANG: When Susie throws a huge party at her house she does everything she can to make sure her parents won’t find out. But when her father’s handsome best friend drops by unexpectedly, he agrees to keep her secret only if she accepts his punishment. Now the sexy older man already has her turned over his knees, his strong hand sliding up her naked thighs, and Susie is about to discover that an erotic spanking is just the beginning of what he has planned for his naughty girl.

FIRST TIME FOR THE GIRL NEXT DOOR: When Abby’s attractive neighbor catches her sneaking through his “private” things, she realizes that she is in trouble. But when the gorgeous older man demands an explanation, Abby reluctantly admits just how curious and innocent she really is when it comes to sex. So when he suggests a way to satisfy her curiosity and get her out of trouble, Abby agrees. Now, her clothes are on the floor, she is nearly naked in front of him, and Abby is about to discover just what this sexy man has in mind for his tight girl next door.

TAKEN BY HER COACH: When Molly gets caught cheating, she realizes that she will lose her scholarship to college if she can’t convince Coach Scott to help her out. But when a little bit of flirting turns into something more, Molly discovers that getting out of trouble may be harder than she expects. Now, he has her down on her knees in front of him and Molly is going to have to show her sexy coach just what a good girl she can be.

For Adults Only: This 5 short story TABOO collection (nearly 30,­000 words) is loaded with hot, erotic sexual situations between an older man (and sometimes men) and a younger woman. Stories include scenes of domination, submission, gangbang, oral sex, cunnilingus and more! It is intended only for adults over the age of 18 and all characters in it are represented as 18 or older.

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