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The Relief Fisher: A Parody of Mariano Rivera's "The Closer"
Steve Lookner


Title: The Relief Fisher: A Parody of Mariano Rivera's "The Closer"

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THE RELIEF FISHER is the incredible story of how a skinny, smelly fisherman from Puerto Stinko, Panama became the greatest closer in baseball history!

In Mariano's own words, you'll hear about growing up in Panama, where Mariano learned to play baseball using a fish for a glove, and a fish for a bat, and a fish for the ball. You'll be inside the Rivera family's shack as Mariano signs his first contract with the Yankees for 250 sea bass. And you'll swim in a stormy ocean next to Mariano as he's saved from drowning by a talking dolphin.

In THE RELIEF FISHER, Mariano takes you inside the dugout and into the clubhouse for a never-­before-­revealed insider's perspective on the great Yankee teams of the last two decades. You'll hear about the time Derek Jeter made a throwing error because he was grabbing a girl's butt with his other hand. You'll watch as Paul O'Neill destroys a water cooler because he only hit a double rather than a home run. You'll learn about the Yankees' secret practice of putting Yogi Berra's embalmed body in a wheelchair to make people think he's still alive. And you'll be there at Yankee Stadium when Mariano attempts to kill all the band members of Metallica for writing "Enter Sandman". From A-­Rod to Cano, from Tino to Torre, all the Yankees greats are here! And so is the worst Yankee ever, Jim Leyritz.

Last but certainly not least, you'll get the unique perspective on baseball and on life that can only come from Mariano Rivera. Mariano will tell you:
--­Why Red Sox fans are the dumbest people in America
--­Why his all time saves record is much more important than Derek Jeter's 3,­000 hits
--­Why no one in baseball listens to the pitching coach
--­Why Edgar Martinez is the worst human being in the world

It's no surprise that it took the greatest closer ever to write the greatest sports book ever. Whether you're a Mariano Rivera fan, a baseball fan, or just a fan of fish, you'll love THE RELIEF FISHER!

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