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Dead Man Running: Book Two - Supernatural Bounty Hunter Romance Novellas (English Edition)
E A Price


Title: Dead Man Running: Book Two - Supernatural Bounty Hunter Romance Novellas (English Edition)

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Viktor. Vampire. Part-­time bounty hunter. 370 years old.
After being given an offer he definitely could refuse twenty years ago, the vampire found himself the target of a very vindictive billionaire, determined to make his undead life unbearable. Meaning, that after centuries of loneliness when he finally finds his true mate he can’t even claim her, and make her his for fear of the consequences.

Alma Flores. Witch. Office manager. No way is she giving up her real age; let’s just say 29.
The witch has spent the last four years of her life hanging onto stolen moments with a true mate who refuses to claim her, and she has had it! One way or another her mate will claim her and soon, whether he damn well likes it or not!

But, when a friend of Viktor’s and the vampire member of the Council of Supernaturals, is arrested for murder and promptly disappears, Viktor has more than trying to keep his stubborn mate alive to worry about. Viktor, with a tenacious Alma in tow, sets out to find his friend, prove his innocence and work out just what the heck is going on, whilst hopefully figuring out a way to claim his maddening mate.

Please note this novella is approximately 43,­000 words in length (short and sweet! Alright, maybe not that sweet…)

But I do advise caution! It does contain swearing (there’s a lot of use of the f word!­), as well as scenes of a sexual nature with m/f interaction intended for mature readers.

Also included with this novella is a short story called: Foxy On The Hunt, a follow up to book one. The short story, along with others from my other series of books is also published online. If you are interested in reading more please visit my website, where you can also sign up for my newsletter: http:­//elizabethannprice.­wix.­com/eapricenovellas

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