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If He's Dangerous. Wherlocke #4
Hannah Howell


Title: If He's Dangerous. Wherlocke #4

247 downloads, last downloaded at January 12, 2017

New York Times bestseller Hannah Howell's extraordinary Wherlocke family returns with the story of a passion that will heed no resistance, no matter how deadly...­When Lorelei Sundun first finds Sir Argus Wherlocke in her garden, she's never heard of the mysterious Wherlocke clan-­or their otherworldly abilities. That changes the moment she watches Argus-­the most tantalizing man she's ever seen-­disappear before her very eyes. What she's witnessed should be impossible. But so should falling in love with a man she's only just met...­Pursued by a madman intent on harnessing the Wherlockes' talents as weapons, Argus meant to seek help from his family, not to involve a duke's lovely daughter in the struggle. But now, the enchanting Lorelei is his only hope for salvation-­and the greatest temptation he's ever faced...­Praise for Hannah Howell and If He's Wicked"Fans will gladly follow Howell from the Scottish Highlands to London for her new trilogy.­"...

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