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Gina Watson


Title: Surge

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He was twenty-­eight,­she was eighteen. Everyone around themopposed their love. But their love wasmuch greater than the sum of their ages. Clara’s family took Jackson in when, at theage of seventeen, he’d lost his parents. The St. Martins were the onlyfamily he had. When his connection with Clara developed into something stronger,­he couldn’t feel remorseful. What he did feel was warmth, hope, and love. Tenyears later it was time to tell the family—he wouldn’t let their love be a lieany longer. When he came to live with them, Clara knew one day she’dmarry him. She just didn’t know her family wouldn’t be on board with the plans.­Sure, Jackson was much older than her and yeah, they’d jumped the gun onintimacy, but she’d needed Jackson’s touch that day and he’d needed hers. Theyplanned to marry once he finished medical school, but when Clara’s brotherfound out about their two-­year relationship he beat the good doctor’s faceuntil he was unrecognizable. Jackson couldn’t see a way they could be together and shewouldn’t have to make a choice between him and her family. He knew what it wasto go through life without the support of family and he wouldn’t let her choosehim over the St. Martins. Will Clara and Jackson be able to have a future together,­or will her family tear them apart?

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