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The rhythm of the heart is central in the 2 In 1 Heartbeat Collection, two complete sensualerotic contemporary romance novels from author Gemini Judson. Where will the beat of the heart lead and what sexy surprises will the rhythm reveal DRAGONFLY DANCE Her fingers play the fiddle like nobodys business. Her band is Littlehawk Lightning. Her future is Tucker Jennings. Theyll share their dreams, somewhere on the open plains of South Dakota. Just like theyd always planned. When Lori Littlehawk walks in on Tucker in the arms of another woman, her dreams crumble. The Dragonfly Dance is a South Dakota tradition and Lori realizes shell attend this years dance single, for the first time. When she learns a talent scout is coming to the dance in search of a fiddle band to feature in a movie, Lori is determined to catch that scouts attention with new and fabulous music. On cue, the skies come alive with swarming dragonflies under a perfect prairie sky and music fills the air. Lori meets a . . .

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