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Professionally converted for accurate flowing-­text e-­book format reproduction, The Soldier's Blue Book provides a guide for initial entry training soldiers. The introductions states: From 1775 until Valley Forge, American forces were brave, but disorganized citizens fighting against highly trained and organized British Soldiers. To win the Revolutionary War, General George Washington's men needed better training, discipline, and esprit de corps. Seeking a solution, General Washington tasked Baron von Steuben with transforming the large group of hungry and exhausted men at Valley Forge into a disciplined fighting force. In the harsh Pennsylvania winter, Baron von Steuben instructed a company of future leaders in basic military movements and tactical skills; those individuals were the predecessors of our Drill Sergeants! He developed that cadre until they could -­in turn—train the entire Revolutionary Army in the art of basic military maneuvers. Through their perseverance and sense . . .

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