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It's the 1963 holiday season in New York, and talented actress Danica Britt is newly engaged to Tyler Newton, star of their television sitcom. History professornovelist Zane McCaul visits the studio and encounters Dannie, who is being considered for the starring role in the tv production of his bestseller. Although Zane is fourteen years her senior and burdened by a poliolimp, his subtle charisma and ironic expression reveal an inner star quality that soon draws Dannie's professional and personal attention. Widowed, lonely and reserved, Zane is enthralled by the fey, nervy young beauty whose incandescence seems to promise future stardom.­pComplicated by Dannie's ambition and her engagement to the enigmatic Tyler, a complex, edgy relationship develops between the professor and the actress, based on collaboration, Dannie's desire for a mentor, and Zane's desire for her.­pThe Autumn in Cranky Otter series is a 20th Century American family tapestry, woven of the love stories and . . .

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