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We've all known those people who seemed a little strange, a little weird. Your thirdgrade teacher. The old man down the street. People you were sure just couldn't have been human. You were right. A Glimpse Beyond The Veil shows you the world hidden from us, the world of demons and goblins, wizards and monsters who live under our very noses. Watch through anthropologist Kyle Perrin's eyes as this world explodes with violent, horrific, and sometimes erotic drama. A believer in the potentials of the unknown, Dr. Kyle Perrin " fringe anthropologist, traveler, and theorist " never expected to be given the opportunity to explore that unknown directly. But when a detective asks for his advice regarding a mysterious pair of coins found in the eyes of a weeksdead corpse, he becomes hurled into a waking nightmare, guided by a stoic former Army ranger and an enigmatic benefactor. What begins as a grisly investigation becomes personal once Gina, Dr. Perrin's streetwalking lover, gets . . .

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