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Abby Lincoln is used to putting her own needs last. The three men she calls her best friends band together to be sure Abby gets all the pleasure she deserves this Christmas.

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Ever since her father left the family one Christmas, and her mothers arrest another, Abby Lincoln has put her own needs last to take care of her siblings. Christmas is a day to get through, not a day to celebrate. Christmas tends to be the day that bad things happen. She plans to spend the holiday with a stack of books and lots of chocolate. Zac, MP and Dominic"Abbys best friends of fifteen years"have different plans for her. Now that shes graduated college and her siblings have spread their wings and flown, the men think its time for Abby to be spoiled. They convince her to spend a long Christmas weekend in the beautiful, snowy mountains of Deep Creek Lake, MD where they intend to take care of her needsif shell let themin hopes of showing her a Merry Christmas, finally.

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